Is your school struggling to assess attainment and track progress in computing?  Does your IT Co-ordinator worry about helping teachers assess computing attainment?

JEM’s Assessment Materials have been well received and are being well used by schools.

When OFSTED asks about children’s progress in computing, JEM’s Assessment materials will provide clear evidence.

A sample of our assessment criteria and tracking tool for Year 3 can be accessed here.  To use the Excel Spreadsheet:

  1. Enter the class names down the left hand side
  2. Review the assessment criteria by hovering over one of the four categories
  3. Place the cursor in a correspondng cell and double click.  A green highlight will show a child’s attainment.



For more information on how to access the full materials for Key Stages 1 and 2, contact Mel Philipson on 07887654870 or complete the comment box below.

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