You can download the full report from the “Growing Up Digital” report here:


A brief synopsis of the report shows that:

  • One third of internet users are under18
  • 3 – 4 year old children spend over 8 hours online each week
  • 12-15 year old children spend over 20 hours a week online
  • Much more needs to be done to support children online
  • Children do not have adequate online skills to protect themselves
  • A compulsory digital citizenship programme should be compulsory for every pupil aged 4 – 14
  • Children do not trust teachers to have the right online skills to help them
  • OFSTED says that staff development is inconsistent
  • Heads and governors often have misconceptions about the need for continued training
  • The Computing Curriculum does not focus sufficiently on social media usage and assessment of content
  • We, the education community, are fundamentally failing our children.

JEM has resources and services which can help schools address all these elements.

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