• Developing a vision for excellent IT.
  • Assessing current strengths and weaknesses in IT provision.
  • Creating an action plan to deliver the school’s IT vision.
  • Personal experience and knowledge of schools, the wider public sector and the drivers which affect and impact on these.
  • Understanding how learning and education are affected and influenced by national policy, external drivers and financial restraints.
  • Experience of working with national policy makers, educational leaders, head teachers and other educational professionals.



  • Bespoke tools and processes.
  • Best value for money procurement.
  • Project management and holding suppliers to account
  • Effective return on investment.
  • Personal skills, knowledge, understanding and experience of digital technologies and their use within learning.
  • Effective communication skills an extensive experience of working with educational professionals to broker and support effective and successful partnerships.
  • Access to additional and tailored expertise to enhance our offering and to ensure a close match between provision and need.

Critical Friend

  • An educator to educator relationship.
  • Ensuring best practice is adopted.
  • Customised professional development.
  • Detailed knowledge of the risks to learners through inappropriate use of digital technologies.
  • Challenge and support with full confidentiality ensured.



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