When you work with JEM, we will provide you with an agreed set of outcomes. We will ask schools to use these to evaluate the effectiveness of our work. Some examples have been:

By the end of the summer term 2016, we expect that the school will have seen the following developments and improvements:

  • Creation of a new vision for IT and development of a whole school IT Strategy which has been approved by Governors, leading to a whole school approach for managing and using IT
  • Implementation of JEM’s Scheme of Work for Computing, leading to full compliance with the National Curriculum Programme of Study and effective teaching of computing across the school
  • Implementation of JEM’s Assessment scheme, leading the identification of pupils’ progress in Computing across the school
  • Implementation of a programme of staff development leading to an increase of staff’s confident and competence in delivering the Computing Curriculum
  • Noticeable improvement in staff’s ability and approach to Computing
  • Improved Online Safety provision following an audit of online safety and recommendations for improvement
  • Review and improvement of school hardware and infrastructure
  • Identification of new technical support provider who will support the school’s journey to excellent IT provision.


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