One of JEM’s increasingly popular services it that of our Technical Review Audit. Many schools are no longer able to benefit from good Local Authority Technical support. This lack of technical services is, in many cases, having a negative impact on the quality of teaching, learning and management within schools. JEM is able to offer unbiased and impartial advice to schools on the type of technical support needed to improve IT for learning. Because we do not provide technical services ourselves, we can offer to be a critical friend to Head Teachers and support the identification of cost effective and excellent third party technical services.


Through the delivery of this service, JEM will help the Head Teacher, Governors and teachers to analyse and determine the level and type of technology and support needed to bring 21st Century learning to pupils. We can provide advice and support for the procurement of high quality technical support and for different technologies. Head Teachers have told us that they often do not have specialist knowledge and skills to identify appropriate technologies. JEM helps schools focus on technology for learning and helps schools avoid costly mistakes.

Please read our Head Teacher testimonials to see how we are helping schools within the region.



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